Monday, May 27, 2013

"Is this what you call professionalism?"

"Is this what you call professionalism? Is that your way of correcting of my wrongdoing by deactivating my site?" asked by a blogger whose specific blog post I filed a complaint for copyright violation.

This blogger republished an article of mine in full. As there were no contact details posted on his blog, I left a comment asking the blogger to edit his blog post, limit to one paragraph, and link to my site for the full story.

My comment was later on approved but no action taken by the blogger after 24 hours.

I eventually decided to contact Wordpress by filing a DMCA request asking for that specific blog post to be taken down.

Upon review of my request, Wordpress deactivated not the blog post - but the entire site.

The blogger eventually reached out through my contact form and asked for time to work on my request. He also asked why did I have his site deactivated (followed by the two questions I shared at the start of this post.).  It amuses me how the blogger was apologetic for what he has done but at the same time accusing me of wrong doing.

Lesson learned: Don't take copyright violation action request for granted. Provide means for contact beyond your blog post comment section.