Thursday, November 1, 2018

Detangle Mind, Body, Spirit connection with Food (reflection 3)

IN the past, I got fit because I worked hard (exercise, run, swim, dragonboat). My eating habits hardly change much.

But now, I have to remove my notion of food as:

  • Reward - don't splurge on food as a means to reward myself.
  • Consolation - don't use food as a perk me up.
  • Love - don't use food as a means to express or demonstrate love.
  • Comfort - don't use food to cope with stress or heavy emotion.
  • Celebration - don't use food as a default means to celebrate special events.
  • Loneliness - don't use food as a companion when I am lonely.
  • Laziness - don't use food eating as an activity when I don't want to do anything else.
October 31
I partnered with a fitness coach to support what they want to accomplish with their programs. A long time connection / client, this opportunity kept showing up whenever I contemplate on my health. Becoming active in this field will be of great help to the personal transformation I am aiming for.