Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blogging from Home - read online

"Blogging from Home" was written for easy reading and designed for the typical Internet user who wants to learn about blogging and its various use for business or personal intent.

I launched this book last August 2008 in response to the growing number of Internet users who are expected to become full-fledge bloggers using various blogging platforms and social networks.

As the book is expected to go out of print soon, I hope this page will provide a venue for exploration to anyone who wants to learn blogging at their own pace.

Complementary illustrated photos, demonstration videos, podcast, and explanatory text can also be found at the Blogging from Home Online Workshop.

Read the book below.)

Read the Introduction for insight on its development. The book tackles the following:

Part I: Blogging 101
  • Lesson #1: Blogging 101
    • Definition
    • Structure
    • Purpose
    • Finding Blogs
  • Lesson #2: Blog Set-up
    • Blog Information
    • Platform
    • Look and Feel
    • Podcast

    • Video blogging
Part II: Blog Ethics
  • Policy
    • Copyright 
    • Re-publishing 
    • Advertising 
    • Privacy
Part III: Content Development
  • Purpose
  • Blog Content Plan 
  • Tracking topics 
  • Monitoring blog performance
Part IV: Promotion
  • Ping Services
  • Advertise
    • Google AdWords 
    • Entrecard
  • Events 
  • Contests and Writing Projects
  • Social Networks
    • Content submission
    • Syndicate content
    • Interact
  • Giveaways
  • Advocacy
Part V: Insights
  • Blogging
    • Handling Attacks and Criticisms 
    • Managing Time at Home 
    • Revenue Disclosure and Taxes
  • Opportunities
    • Consulting and Blogging Projects
    • Book Publishing Based from a Blog
  • Creating a Blog Advertising Network 
  • Creating a Blog Writers Network
Conclusion: Blogging Ahead

Book info:
92 pages
ISBN # 978-0-9805061-0-5

Read the book below.

Blogging From Home by Janette Toral

I also created a video series to support this book.


  1. good am! can we buy the book online? how much? thanks! i don't know if i have the time to visit your booth. =)

    thanks so much! and more power!

  2. Hi Karen. I will post the price on Monday night. Thanks!

  3. I am based in Cebu, and I am quite amazed there is such thing like this one....though Manila's quite near, but so far...what are my options in Cebu in this light?

  4. Hello Donna. You can purchase online or make a direct deposit. Just send me an e-mail and advise which would you prefer. Thank you!

  5. Hope I can buy one...

  6. Just click on the buy now link to purchase through credit card or paypal.

  7. i want to buy this, Miss Janette! I'm a fan of yours. He he. Can this be bought in National Bookstore?

  8. Hello Zang. It will be available soon. I'm just finalizing a deal with a distributor.

    I also encourage you to purchase it online.

  9. Hi Janette:

    Long time no hear. Been trying to reach you by the cellphone number you provide in your site without success. You see I have a handful of veteran PR execs who are dying to meet you and get their hands on blogging 101 tools. Are you available on Friday, Aug 29 for a brief tutorial? Pls revert.

    Best regards,

    Richard Burgos

  10. Hi Richard. I just referred your concern to Aileen Apolo. I'm sure she'll be able to take care of you folks. =)

  11. hi ms Janette! salamat po sa pagbati,,

    ingat po lagi!

  12. This is definitely a must have for newbie bloggers.
    Keep up the good work Janette!

    The webinar last night was very informative. Thanks to you.

  13. i'm based here in Quezon City, very much interested in your book, can you tell me where I can buy it here in Metro Manila??

  14. Hi Janette..I'm one your students during the 4th Philippine Navy Public Affairs Officer Synposium and Workshop..Thanks for the insights, ang dami naming natutunan...Also,thank you sa book.

  15. Thank you for the kind note Jason! =)

  16. Heyyy, hello Janet, I'm henry and found your ad on facebook. Actually I'm also a blogger and have started just recently, but it took more than a year for me to understand what to do with blogs. And I also believe that the minds and talents of Filipino's are meant to use Blogs. Sadly there are lots of good Pinoy bloggers that just keep the minds of their fellow Pinoys closed to what really can blogs do. :) How you use it, How it can work well in harmony with the Search Engines, and Especially how it can make you Big Money when the time is right. I've created Pinoy Blog Chat to be something like this Blogging from Home. My posts are exact examples on how to use blogs. Not exact tutorials but the way you use words and information that you should publish. :D Wish all the success to your program. Take Care. Mind to have link exchanges anyway?

  17. This is amazing,Thank you Ma'am Janet for creating a blog that will attract and explain more about the importance and usefulness of blogs.

  18. Hello! Can I ask if I can read your book ONLINE? I need some reference about blogging po kasi for our research paper.

  19. @littlemisspoleng - it is embedded in the blog post. you can also read it at documents section.

  20. Hi Janet, I just want to say thanks for this wonderful tutorial. Honestly, I've been blogging for years now and I still learn a lot while reading and watching your tuts. I'm happy that I discovered this site. :)

  21. It's a good sight seeing Filipinos blogging as most of the information they provide are self written and concise. I would love to read more stuff from you Janette.

    Sean Rasmussen