Friday, September 14, 2007

9 Tools for Keywords and Blog Tracking

There are many tools that you can use to keep track of information and blogs that you like to read. It gets you connected to developments from various perspectives, the variety of issues, and concerns that bloggers are taking note of.

If you want to track your favorite blogs, the following sites allow you to do so:

  • Technorati (add to Favorites feature)
    This allows the blog owner to know that you've added them and you will find those who have made you a "favorite" too.
  • Google Reader
    What makes Google Reader unique is that it allows to share blog posts you like through your blog.
If you are just after specific information or keywords, you can also use:
  • Technorati Watchlist
    Then add the RSS feed to your Google Reader account. As a result, whenever there are blogs that cite the keywords in my blog, I am immediately notified.

  • Google Alerts
    This is a tool that you can used to monitor keywords as they appear on news, groups or discussion forums, websites, and blogs. Depending on your setting, whether everyday or weekly, I receive an e-mail that contains all the new content online that cites the keywords. If I’m interested to learn more, I just visit the website and read the full story.

  • BlogPulse (October 17, 2010 update)
    Monitors blog post mentioning keywords you cited. You can generate an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

  • Social Mention Alerts (October 17, 2010 update)
    Monitors blogs and social media for any discussion happening related to the keywords you will input in the system.

  • Backtype (October 17, 2010 update)
    Monitors tweets and comments focusing on a particular blog.

  • Regator (October 17, 2010 update)
    Monitors keyword mention in popular blogs.

  • Collecta (October 17, 2010 update)
    Monitors keyword mention in blogs and social media. It gives a feed url that you can subscribe to. Can also create a widget that can be embedded in a site.
I believe that these online tools are a clear indication of how the Internet is becoming much more user-friendly to users. This has also helped me update my blogs and find sites that can be worth submitting to social media sites.

I also discussed this in first episode of the Podcast (April 2006).

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Integrating Feedburner in

I just created my first vlog tutorial for bloggers who would like to learn how to switch their blog feeds to Feedburner.

I used Windows Movie Maker to create this and realized that jpeg images can get blurry. Will use different file format next time.

For further reading, you can also visit the Feedburner site on how to do this.