Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging about Warbook boosted my blog traffic

When I became active in Facebook a few weeks ago, one of the applications I got so hook with was Warbook. I thought of blogging about it but was figuring out the style that I would take. Note that it was also my first time to blog about games. My options include:

1. Review the game
This will require me to play the game and give an observation about it. This will take time to prepare as appreciation of a game can't be made in just one trial.

2. Show to how to play the game
Give a detailed guide on how to play it. This is a good option as in improving the help or FAQ manual that the game provides.

3. Share lessons learned
Play the game and share how you go about it especially in increasing you rank and in achieving milestones within the game.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you to do a combination of all three. What made Warbook a practical option is its popularity within the Facebook application. At the minimum, be able to entice readers within the community and let it grow from there.

At least, until it lasts, take advantage of the traffic that may come your way from players looking for information about it. Don't forget to submit it to sites that can deliver traffic such as Technorati's WTF (sample: warbook and warbook guide) and Digg. Even though your story may not get votes, the traffic you will gain can still benefit your site.

In the case of my blog, my traffic has grown three times since I released the guide on how to play Warbook and how to survive in Warbook. In this process, I also realized that to be effective in blogging about any game is that you must have a great interest in it. Not having it will be unfair to the game creators and your readers.

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