Monday, April 6, 2015

Creating a Portfolio Website and Blog

I began introducing an updated version of my personal site,, through new blog posts shared via social media. It took quite awhile to get that done.

But for those of you contemplating of creating your own website portfolio and blog, here are some pointers:

1. In a few words or slides, let people know who you are, what you stand for, and believe in.

I think this is important as not all have time to read your "about" page.

As most site templates includes rotating slides, I decided to have 5 that would show an e-learning project, latest book, intent as speaker and writer, and opinion on e-commerce direction in the country.

2. An About page. 

People wanting to get you for projects do not need that to be flowery. But convincing enough for them to decide that they want to get in touch with you.

3. Contact us.

Keep it simple. Give your email and mobile number.

4. Blog.

It is important nowadays for a person to have a blog that articulates your ideas and thoughts. This I find to be a challenge. As I update my site on past activities, I take that as an opportunity to blog about insights shared on a recent event.

Hopefully, in the process, create content worth sharing.

5. Portfolio

Depending on your profile, it can include works done, press mentions, videos, and appearances.

Just remember....

You are the only one who can promote and share what you do - better than anyone else. Your portfolio website and blog should properly represent you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Preparing for a 21k run

Two weeks ago, I watched the UAAP games at Araneta Coliseum (August 3).

National University and Ateneo De Manila University triumph that day over their competitors University of the East and Far Eastern University.

Your ears have to be ready for these events as the drum beating on both sides can make it ache.

Team work, patience, alertness, perseverance, and preparedness were key in making a team win. Each player has to be at top condition if it wants to do well in the game.

Found out from a friend that Red Bull Supreme has a booth outside the event. Game watchers can give a bottle crown of Red Bull Supreme to be included in the raffle. 

At half time, winners are picked and can win a Go Pro camera, Red Bull Supreme jackets, bandana, sling bags cameras await winners and should not be missed.

This promotion is only for games that takes place at Smart Araneta Coliseum. 

I wasn't really that keen on energy drinks as I not sure on how it really works. Further reading and discussion with its product customers, I found out that Red Bull is almost equivalent to a cup of coffee with additional nutrients. 

One can take up to 2 bottles a day of it especially if you need to stay alert and energetic. Although it will not substitute getting proper rest and nutrients, it can give that push when you need an energy booster.

Last week, I went back to dragon boat practice routines and had to get ready at 3 am. Took one Red Bull Supreme as I hardly slept.

I am scheduled for a 21k run at White Flower Philippines "Kaya Natin 'To Pilipinas. Takbo ng Kaunlaran" this Sunday August 17.

It will be my 2nd time to do a 21k run. The first one was last March 2014 and it partly resulted to a right foot injury. I fully rested and decided to get back to running again last month.

As time is short, I had to remember the techniques learned during training to avoid the strain and complete the 21k.

With my physical and strength limitations, it will take me more or less 3 hours to get it done.

This week, I had to schedule long distance run, dragon boat practice, cross-circuit workout, and swimming. Hopefully, this will give the resilience needed to complete the 21k run.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Maximize Social Media Tools

Last April 7, I got asked to do a presentation on how to maximize social media tools. However, as #iblog10 just finished, my passion on blogging just got renewed and anchored my sharing on the lessons learned from it.

Will also be doing a free webinar session about this topic on April 12 Saturday 2pm to 3 pm. Just sign-up to join.

Social Media complimenting the Customer Lifecycle

The use of blogs and social media should be within the framework of serving the customer throughout the customer lifecycle (contact, connection, conversation, consideration, consumption, and community). It must always have the customer in mind - being of service to them.

Blogging is a must

Although social media has taken a lot of our time in communicating with our customers, our respective blogs should not be neglected. As social media policies and processes kept changing, that is out of our control, our blogs will remain to be the most stable and should be utilized as the primary archive of our activities and insights.

Blogging is also growing in the Philippines in terms of numbers and influence. There are more blogs today in the top 500 sites of the Philippines as reported by Alexa. It is up to each professional on how they will use their blog to support their career, personal life, or business.

Measure your progress

The good thing about blogging and social media tools today is that measurement or analytics tools are available. Check it and see whether you are effective in using it - to meet your goals, intention, and purpose.

Network offline

Blogging and using social media is not enough. Find ways where you can meet and mingle with peers in your niche. If there is an opportunity for you to share what you know, don't hesitate to step up and let yourself be heard.

Be at the top of your game

I truly admire the likes of Maria Ressa and Howie Severino as they don't hesitate to reach out to bloggers and digital influencers whenever the opportunity arises. They engage and do this both online and offline. This most especially true of Maria Ressa.

Are we ready for mobile?

As bloggers and social media users, we are active users of mobile devices. If there are opportunities where specialized applications can be built that compliments your content or what you do, I suggest going for it.

Focus on your passion, intention and purpose

If they are clear and knew where you want to go, I believe everything else will follow.