Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Finding a Coach (reflection 5)

One of my challenges in going through a fitness journey is breaking through my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, inner struggle that one way or another affect my momentum - consciously and subconsciously.

My journey towards improving myself became more focused, intentional, deliberate in the past 2 years. I seek out mentors and signed up for programs towards improving my thinking and feeling.

In my growth journey, the authors I can seem to relate the most are Paul Martinelli, Tony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Brendon Burchard, Marshall Goldsmith, and Brene Brown. To the point, I can already blog about this and share it.

I like Tony Robbins and signed-up for Robbins-Madanes. I had to process my fitness concern beyond the physical and understand myself better.

I like Brendon Burchard and know his high-performance habits teaching will help me make the changes ingrained in my system.

I like Brene Brown as she is very open in discussing vulnerability and imperfections. I agree with her, you can't say you have courage if you are not vulnerable. However, I will dare greatly towards improving myself.

I also appreciate Paul Martinelli's coaching in the John Maxwell Team who gives great introspection on thinking.

I appreciate John C. Maxwell and Marshall Goldsmith as their teaching help me focus on the bigger picture - not only for myself but for others.

In the process of improvement, I am ready to go through failure as part of the process but that should not stop me improving each time.

(p.s. you can check out the books - kindle/audio/paperback - I read here.)

Sunday, March 17, 2019

To Live a Life of Change (reflection 4)

I just got back from a conference to renew my credentials. One of the messages I got from it was our mentor's vision to change lives.

It is awesome to find a mentor whom you can align yourself and share a common vision - bigger than yourself.

I know that I am going to be useful and helpful in this journey for a long time but it will require me also to shape up in order to give my best years to serve others.

This includes improving myself physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. These are all work in progress areas.

Physically as I need all the energy to get to the action necessary. Eating right. Exercise. Rest.

Emotionally as I need to always remind myself not to get carried away with my downhill habits.

Intellectually as I can't teach what I don't have knowledge and experience in.

Spiritually as I know that each one of us has a reason to be in this world - to serve others.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Detangle Mind, Body, Spirit connection with Food (reflection 3)

IN the past, I got fit because I worked hard (exercise, run, swim, dragonboat). My eating habits hardly change much.

But now, I have to remove my notion of food as:

  • Reward - don't splurge on food as a means to reward myself.
  • Consolation - don't use food as a perk me up.
  • Love - don't use food as a means to express or demonstrate love.
  • Comfort - don't use food to cope with stress or heavy emotion.
  • Celebration - don't use food as a default means to celebrate special events.
  • Loneliness - don't use food as a companion when I am lonely.
  • Laziness - don't use food eating as an activity when I don't want to do anything else.
October 31
I partnered with a fitness coach to support what they want to accomplish with their programs. A long time connection / client, this opportunity kept showing up whenever I contemplate on my health. Becoming active in this field will be of great help to the personal transformation I am aiming for.