Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Photoblog & Vlog from the Mobile Phone

With mobile Internet becoming faster, it is now possible to actually mobile blog from your cellphone, take photos for your photoblog, and videos for your vlog. All of this can be also uploaded straight from your mobile phone.

I've been tinkering around this lately and able to come up with a settings that will work best for my Nokia N95 and support my mobile blogging endeavors. Here is what I've done to optimize it:
  • Photo settings
    Pick on small which is ideal for MMS. File size of pictures is less than 100kb which is good for blog posts too. Although you can also go for the e-mail size medium setting which saves a file at no more than 200kb like the Sony Vaio P shown here. (click on the image to see how big the photo really is)

  • Videos
    I'll go for e-mail normal quality. As viewers on the mobile phone may have limited time and you don't want to wait too long for uploading. Try to come up with 1-to-1.5 minutes video only. Be creative about it. For my videos, I tried creating a What's New series as an experiment and here's how it looks like. This is a quick interview with Jing Garcia, tech times editor of Manila Times, as he talks about the Sony Vaio P.

    Note however that once you picked a higher setting, the time duration I mentioned may not necessarily apply. Depending on the regular or mobile blogging platform you'll be using, check out the maximum file size allowed.

    For the e-mail normal quality with 1-to-1.5 minutes content, that should be like less than 4 mb file size.

So I guess my point here is that you can now actually do mobile blogging with all the necessary photos and videos taken and uploaded straight from your mobile phone. With the right settings and program format, the content you'll be able to generate can be an exciting one. Try it out!
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