Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busby SEO Test Winners

It is over. The winners of the Busby SEO Test competition was just announced. The top 10 are:
  1. kabonfootprint
  2. pinayspeak
  3. imfreakz
  4. dstudiobali
  5. umpcinfo
  6. garyviray
  7. enticegh
  8. ianimaru
  9. alwinclores
  10. rumahabi
Although Gary's entry did not made it to the top 5 winners, being able to sustain the entry since it entered page 1 last December 10 is a big feat (he joined last November 25) as the domain has zero pagerank and relatively new. This in comparison to everyone else who joined the competition who were more prepared. With that handicap, my hats off to you Gary.

The hard work that has been put in and the support of friends in the community also played a big factor for this contest. Thank you everyone.

Also persistent efforts in the contest has allowed Gary's site to have the following to date:
  • traffic of no less than 200 visitors a day - without any promotion. At its peak point with full promotion, the site hit almost 700 visitors a day.
  • Nearly 20,000 unique visitors since the start of the contest.
  • PR2 home page, more than a dozen PR 3 and 4 deep pages that were created during the contest.
Congratulations again to the organizers and winners. For the 3 Pinoys who made it to the list - Rich, Gary, and Alwin - Mabuhay kayo Pinoy SEO!
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