Friday, January 16, 2009

eBook Web Publishing with Scribd

I have met a good number of bloggers last year contemplating of publishing their own book. I am very supportive of such an idea as book publishing has its own merits.

In my case, my challenge has always been with the old ones I have published, around 15 more or less at the moment, what happens to them after a few years. One program I am currently exploring is Scribd. This allows publishers to upload their work and share it to others. It also has a qualified publishers program where revenue sharing is possible as ads can be streamed as the book gets viewed within Scribd.

Another option, if you have programming experience, is to work with the Scribd application programming interface (API) so that those that gets viewed at your site will also be able to stream ads. This will require me to work with a developer or really take time to learn it myself.

I'm currently exploring it and hope that Scribd will also deal with self-publishers, not just companies. I will share my experience on this one soon.

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