Saturday, March 1, 2008

Revenue opportunities with Paypal

One thing I realized with the activation of my Paypal last year is the huge opportunity available to its users. Those who don't have access to its receive money feature are missing out on a lot of them. The intent of this blog post is to list as many programs as possible that allows you to generate revenue and receive payment through Paypal. I shall update this whenever I discover new opportunities.
  • Ximmy
    If you like submitting your site to various sites, including this one may also be of help. It provides for compensation for submission, comments, and when your submission becomes popular.

  • Project Wonderful
    A tool that allows you to accept bid auction for ad spaces in your blog. In addition, it allows you to share your website stats transparently to prospective advertisers. (sample)

  • WidgetBucks
    This widget displays various items that can adapt to your blog or site's content (sample). You get paid when visitors click on the widget.

  • aShopFor
    This site allows you to create your own shop (sample) and earn by participating in promos. It also gives you a referral fee if others sign up too.

  • Performancing Metrics
    You use this site to monitor the traffic of your blog. If you regularly give updates about your blog traffic or how you use the service (sample), you can use this as an opportunity to encourage others to use the service as well. If they subscribe in the process, you get an affiliate commission that is sent through Paypal.

  • Revver (sample) and Viddler (sample)
    This site allows video producers to generate revenue through advertising impressions (and clicks) that appears at the end of the video. So whether you produce your own video or just simply show the video of others, there are income possibilities there.

  • Podbean
    Podbean is a free podcast hosting blog where you can create premium content and charge a fee for it. You can also use the site to accept donation (sample) or refer friends through its affiliate program and get commission in the process.
I think the best way that you can maximize the opportunity brought by services like Paypal is to create your own products. For bloggers, this can be a compilation of your old blog posts, revised or enhanced, and be sold as an e-book.

Joining these programs is not just about putting links in your site, you need to put value and promote it. People will only consider the product if you use it or have seen others who benefited from it.


  1. hi janet,

    thanks for the info, as always my best source for what's the latest in the industry. :)


  2. I'm not sure if revver is a good site to be recommending. They were about a million dollars in debt when they put themselves on sale last month, which doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the video-content-revenue-sharing business model.

  3. @Abby Ongyanco-Lim - thanks Abby!

    @Luis - I haven't heard of folks complaining about not getting paid so far. Will be on the look-out. I guess that is why most creators upload at YouTube as well. Thanks for the heads-up!