Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Make Money by Adding Amazon aStore to your Blog is considered as the biggest online affiliate network with a variety of products being sold on its site. Blogs whose primary audience comes from the U.S. have a lot of potential to explore with this program.

Note that each Amazon affiliate member is allowed to create 100 aStores. I plan to fully maximize that this year as I try building blogs that caters to a variety of niches targeting international audience.

Here are 3 aStores I have done so far:

1. Influential Blogger bookstore
As I review a variety of books in that blog, the books I intend to feature are from authors whom I get to read on a regular basis.

2. Birthstones Jewelry Store
I created two variations. One for general audience and another for men. This is meant to complement my New Age Perspective blog.

I tackled some of my lessons learned in the creation of Amazon aStores at the Busby SEO Test blog. Additional insights worth sharing:
  • Make time
    An aStore is like a full-blown website. Time must be given to plan its structure.

  • Update your blog
    If an aStore is tied to your blog then the more important that it gets updated regularly. In the end, the quality of sales you get is dependent on the effort you have put in as well.

  • Be patient
    Don't expect instant returns right away as trust in your aStore is also tied to the amount of confidence set to your blog.

  • Use regular Amazon linking methods still
    If you are doing a book review, then don't hesitate to still link to the Amazon product page. I guess the reason for that also is that some products that end up getting purchased are not exactly the ones you recommended. But still you earn from it.

  • Explore other alternatives
    An affiliate program can be a source of passive or active income. It is up to you on what will be its role to you. Again, the income you'll gain will also be dependent on the effort you have put in developing and promoting it.

    On another note, payouts takes place quarterly and they only mail out checks if you earn more than UD$100 in commissions.
If you would like to learn more on how to create your own aStore, we will be having a workshop as well this January 28. I suggest you sign-up.
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