Monday, September 29, 2008

Uber bids goodbye to users

One of the sites I mentioned in the Blogging from Home book where you can create a blog was Uber. Unfortunately, due to the economic crisis, its investors have decided to stop supporting the site. The site will shut down today.

I think what made Uber interesting are the following:
  • It is a free site like Blogger where you can put advertisements.
  • It is like Multiply as you can add friends, photos, and videos.
Although what stopped me from using it further is its search engine visibility.

However, I am hopeful that Uber will rise again soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yahoo Audio Search Replaces Yahoo Podcasts

As I was updating the podcast lessons in our Blogging from Home online workshop, I realized that Yahoo Podcast is no longer there. It is now replaced by Yahoo Audio Search. What caught me by surprise though is that the old url, if typed, points to an error page instead of being re-directed to the new site. (Steve Souders will likely shake his head for sure if he finds out although he is now with Google.)

The site allows you to submit and search for podcast. I noticed though that its archive of mp3 podcast files (perhaps a link but it was immediately downloadable then) in its old version is no longer there as I tried searching for past podcast episodes in it. The directory entries can be found though especially if you submitted to various sites.

I am now in the process of creating a podcast site and will get to try submitting an entry for it soon.

P.S. This is also meant to update page 20 of Blogging from Home book.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blogging talk at Y4IT: Relevance of Blogging to the Youth

This video was shown during my talk slot at Y4IT last Friday (September 5).

I tackled the relevance of blogging to the youth and concerns one must be aware of to be effective. But of course, have fun while at it.

Many thanks to the organizers, especially to Dr. Jimmy Caro, for having me at the said event.