Friday, January 4, 2008

4 Tips in Hiring Bloggers and Writers

Since I launched my advertising program for blogs and recruitment of part-time writers or content developers for some of my blog projects, I often get asked on how to go about hiring bloggers and writers.

Here is what I realized for the past 12 months.
  1. You can offer a per article fee or a fixed monthly rate.
    For fixed monthly fee, there can be a target number of stories that have to be done during the period, among other tasks. For part-time writers, a per article fee is the usual arrangement and this is negotiable. In my case, the rate I give is one hundred dollars (US$100) for twenty articles.

  2. Will the articles be opinion based, research based, or interview based?
    I note that some bloggers are not suitable for some tasks. Like some don't like to do interviews. This is one area where I encountered problems as some bloggers are not as flexible.

  3. Another thing you have to consider is whether you are giving them a byline (authorship recognition) or not.
    For those who have full time jobs, some would prefer to blog or write anonymously. Others do want a byline right away.

  4. Give all applicants a one-week trial period
    This allows you to see them in action and observe their turn-around time for every assignment. In my case, articles approved are considered as to be paid.
Feel free to share your tips too or ask a question.


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