Sunday, January 11, 2009

Testimonial for Blogging from Home

I would like to thank friends and readers who gave their support for the Blogging from Home book project. Testimonials are more than welcome.

"All the information that a blogger needs to know is in this book. I have been blogging for more than three years now but I would never have discovered the power of blogging if not for this book! It was very helpful especially when I taught my mom, a retiree, how to set up her own blog." Mauie Flores, Living a Sugar-Free Sweet Life

"I'm a fan of DigitalFilipino and been a blogger for more than a year now. When I read this book (every bed time), I found so many insightful facts that made me realize "How to become a professional blogger". I'm giving a thumbs up for this book. Thank you Janette Toral!" - Isis "Aice" Lahora, Ice9Web.

"I finally got my own copy of the Blogging from Home book when I went to home to the Phils last Nov. It is such a useful book and has given me fresh ideas on how to blog better. Many thanks and more power to you and your service to the blogosphere!" - Arlene NS,

"I first encounter this book during Philippines WordCamp 2008. I didn't mind it then because I am not really fond of reading books. Later, my friend Cesar of informed me that he got this book and he is really impressed about the information given. He said that there are a lot of things that he learned from this book. Because of that, my curiosity was triggered. So, I eventually bought the book online, because there is no one in my area selling this book. I am from Iloilo. After reading the book, indeed my friend Cesar was right. There are a lot of things mentioned in the book worth absorbing. Thanks Janette!" - Junelle Caravana,

For those who want to get into blogging quick, Janette's Blogging from Home is the book to read. This is an easy to understand yet pretty substantial book on the subject of blogging with topics ranging from fundamentals to content development to blog promotion and blog ethics. I consider the book a useful resource with lots of practical tips and links to current blog tools. - Ronnie Ravelo

"There are two things I can say about Ms. Toral's book. Complete and easy to read. Her book definitely offers a very comprehensive look into blogging. But not only that, it offers first timers an easy and understandable guide on the what- to-do's and how to's. After reading it, I was able to get a much better grasp on how this phenomenon works." - Russell Ri, Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations

"All the questions that took me months to answer can now be found in a few minutes by reading 'Blogging from Home.' How I really wished to have found this book earlier!" - Ruby Ricafrente, Pinay Mommy Online

"I would just like to say I find your Blogging from Home book very useful. Tnx!!!" - Andre Quintos, CreativeAid

"I find the Blogging from Home book very informative. Its content is easy to read and understand, replete with guides and invaluable insights based on Janette's own experience. Indeed, Blogging from Home book is a gem!" - Dennis Rito, Vignettes

"I've been waiting for the launch of this book of yours. Your Blogging From Home book is a real treat as it has all the guides that I can refer to that will help improve my current blog and work me through creating new and better ones! Blogging can indeed be a business and it's a business that can be done from home. Mabuhay!" - Gwen Nava, The Grape Bunch

If you like your testimonial to be included here, just e-mail it to me at digitalfilipino (at) gmail (dot) com with your photo holding a copy of the book and will post. Thank you.

Many thanks to the following as well who blogged about the book:
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