Saturday, January 17, 2009

Promote several blogs using one tinyurl with Sqworl

If you have several blogs like me, it is quite a challenge to promote them all. One way I've handled it is by sharing my post via Google Reader and this gets fed to various social media sites that accepts RSS feed.

Another way to do it is by promoting your blogs through Sqworl. This service allows you to promote several sites at once using one url (or like a tinyurl). It creates a page where all the sites you've added are linked.

What I like about the service so far is:

  1. Promote several sites at once. This can be your personal sites or perhaps you are making a report compilation showing a good number of blogs or websites. You can also edit it by removing or adding more links.

    I created several but for this post let me share my blogs and Blogging from Home features compilation.

  2. Allows you to add description and even assign a title for each url. This is where you can also use keywords that you may be working on in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

  3. This can be useful when creating profiles in various websites and you can only put one url as identity reference.
If there is anything that bothers me though is the screen shot that appears as I add each site. Most of the homepage and deep link urls are shown with no appropriate screen shot. Although that is only temporary and it shows the real one after a while.

If you have tried the service and created a Sqworl, share it here, tell something about the compilation you have made, and will check it out.
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