Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogging from Home Online Workshop - Join Now!

The Blogging from Home Online Workshop was designed to give interested learners an affordable and easy way to know the ins-and-outs of blogging. All lessons are kept simple and straight to the point for your convenience.

Blogging from Home book buyers and Club Members are given access to the site for free.

Materials are mostly presented in text, video, and audio for a full learning experience. The following workshops shall be available and will be actively interacting to participants. We will be adding more in the weeks and months to come.

Blogging 101 Workshop
Lesson #1: Introduction to Blogs (podcast version)
Lesson #2: Parts of a Blog (video version)
Lesson #3: Finding blogs (research) (video version)

Setting up a Blog Workshop
Lesson #1: Blog information
Lesson #2: Blog Platform -
Lesson #3: Blog Platform - WordPress
Lesson #4: Blog Platform - Social Networks
Lesson #5: Blog Platform - Third Party Blog Hosting Services
Lesson #6: Look and feel
Lesson #7: Register your blog

Setting up a Podcast Workshop
Lesson #1: Introduction to Podcast (podcast version)
Lesson #2: Finding and Listing a Podcast
Lesson #3: Creating a Podcast Show Program
Lesson #4: Podcasting tools
Lesson #5: Podcasting platform
Lesson #6: Music for your Podcast
Lesson #7: Getting Sponsors and Advertisers for Podcast

Video Blogging 101 Workshop
Lesson #1: Introduction to Video Blogging
Lesson #2: Finding Video Blogs
Lesson #3: Creating a Video Blog Program
Lesson #4: Video Blogging tools
Lesson #5: Video Blogging platform
Lesson #6: Music for your Video Blogs
Lesson #7: Getting sponsors and advertisers

Blog Ethics Workshop
Lesson #1: Copyright
Lesson #2: Re-publishing
Lesson #3: Advertising
Lesson #4: Privacy

Blog Content Development Workshop
Lesson #1: Blog Content Plan Development
Lesson #2: Tracking Blog Topics
Lesson #3: Monitoring Blog Performance

Blog Promotion Workshop
Lesson #1: Ping Services
Lesson #2: Google AdWords
Lesson #3: Entrecard
Lesson #4: Events
Lesson #5: Contests and Writing Projects
Lesson #6: Content Submission
Lesson #7: Syndicate Content
Lesson #8: Interact
Lesson #9: Giveaways
Lesson #10: Advocacy

Blogging as a Business
Lesson #1: Consulting and Blogging Projects
Lesson #2: Book/E-Book Publishing Based from a Blog
Lesson #3: Creating a Blog Advertising Network
Lesson #4: Creating a Blog Writers Network
Lesson #5: Revenue Disclosure and Taxes
Lesson #6: Managing Blogging Time

Corporate Blogging Workshop
Lesson #1: Corporate Blogging Introduction and Uses
Lesson #2: Creating a Corporate Blog
Lesson #3: Corporate Blogging Guidelines
Lesson #4: Tapping Blogs to Create Buzz
Lesson #5: Advertising in Blogs
Lesson #6: Tapping Blogs for Insight
Lesson #7: Handling Attacks and Criticism

Online workshop participants are encouraged to share their answers, thoughts, and post questions throughout the workshop. Those who gets to complete the requirements will also be sent a certificate attesting to the completion.

I'm doing this project in collaboration with Buddy Gancenia who is in charge of all our multimedia production requirements.

Friday, March 6, 2009

10 reasons why I love Performancing Metrics for tracking website, blog performance

On page 42 of the book, Blogging from Home, I mentioned Performancing Metrics as one of the tools that you can use to track your blog performance. I warn you though that it can be very addictive due to its very user-friendly interface.

Don't get me wrong, I love Google Analytics. However, there are features and presentation that Performancing Metrics does so well that makes it hard to just tie yourself up to one analytics tool.

Here are some of the features I like:

1. The Dashboard
At a glance, Performancing Metrics gives you a snap shot on what you have in your website and be able to click right away and find out what is going on. If there are users viewing your site, it will also show you a number. This way, you don't have to wait for 24 hours to find out what has transpired at your site.

2. Visitor Log
The visitor log gives you an idea on the time, date, ip address, session actions, time, and referrer of every site visitor you had.

3. Action Log
The action log gives you a detailed activity of every visitor you had in your site. This includes the articles that they viewed, searches they made, among others.

4. Visitors per article
If you clicked on an article or post published in your site, it wil also show you the number of visitors it had for the span of time you've indicated.

5. Activity per IP Address
If you click on an IP address, it will give you more information about its location, operating system, browser, screen resolution used, and activities done in your site.

6. Visitors per city
If you click on a location, it will give you a detail on the number of visitors you had per location.

7. IP address of visitors per city
If you clicked on a particular location, you will also see the date & time logs, IP address, session or actions, and how did they arrived at your site.

8. Source
It will show how many of your visitors came from searches, links, direct, bookmark, social media, e-mail, and RSS feeds.

9. Details per source
If you clicked on one traffic source, it will give you the full details on where those visitors came from.

10. Newest Unique
Each traffic source has a newest unique feature that gives a glimpse on your newest visitors or sources of traffic.

I hope the above illustrations will be good enough to explain why I find Performancing Metrics to be useful. Try it out when you have time.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging 101: Parts of a blog

On page 11 of the book, Blogging from Home, I pointed out the parts of a blog. Here is a video counterpart of the said page explaining the structure or anatomy of a blog.

Blogging from Home book buyers and Club Members can join the Blogging from Home Online Workshop for free.

(The video was done by Buddy Gancenia who is in charge of all our multimedia production requirements.)