Monday, July 1, 2019

New Mindset = New Results (Reflection 11)

My 3rd sprint became a bit of a struggle for me. I realized the following:
  • My sleeping has not been that smooth sailing. Been indulging in TV series lately.
  • Eating bottled sardines gets my whole fasting routine in disarray. Perhaps I enjoy it so much that its rarity was making me break the discipline I have set up for myself. Next time, I will only buy 1 bottle at a time (rather than 4).
  • FASTING is not just about losing weight. It is also about healing your body.
To make room for positive changes, I have established new habits including:
  • Drinking black coffee to help in my digestion.
  • Doing 400 reps workout after a bath in the morning.
  • Break my fast by drinking or eating something healthy.
I need my internal change in check to ensure it catches up, feel a sense of satisfaction, and not taking my progress for granted. This includes:
  • Before, what I feel as "heavy" or "overweight" was no different compared to how I felt in the past even when I was reasonably fit. But now, I appreciate the progress I am making.
  • I should not let my progress make me falter. I now recognize that I really need to sleep well or otherwise fell into the trap of breaking my fast early in the morning (2 AM, 3 AM) with biscuit, fruit, bottled sardine with rice.
  • My investment in personal growth is ongoing and that includes expressing my lessons learned in this blog.

Visual reminder

My Facebook memories usually give me a visual reminder regularly on how I look like before. But that is not enough. I have created a DAILY EFFORT MONITORING Worksheet to be more focused and remind me of what I want to achieve for myself.

Daily Improvement Effort Monitoring Worksheet by Janette Toral


I also need to be reminded of the things and ideas I am detaching myself including:

  • I am doing this to help ensure my 2039 and 2049 vision will become a reality. 
  • My happiness is clearly in the right place. It does not live in social media, meetups or networking events, to show-off or please or beat others. The last time I celebrated my birthday online, where I was at a "fit level", despite the deluge of greetings, was not exactly my happiest. That experience gave me the realization I need.

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