Thursday, July 18, 2019

Your Health & Fulfilling Your Passion (reflection 13)

I am passionate about teaching, coaching, and mentoring people in the area of e-commerce, digital marketing, branding, and leadership. I have evolved in this space for the past 25 years.

On a personal note, I am also passionate about being with family and supporting them in achieving their dreams.

I had my up and down episodes with health, especially in terms of physical activities and how it affects my weight. But to grow more in my "passion areas", I have to focus on getting healthier.

Those changes that we want to happen is entirely up to each one of us. My view of health in the 20s and 30s were mostly about "how you look" or "self-esteem". When you reach your 40's and up, it is mostly about sickness prevention or healing or still self-esteem, depending on what matters to you at that point.

Whenever I complete my fast, exercise, and gradually losing weight in the process, I feel good with a great sense of accomplishment.

I graduated "fasting" in my tracking worksheet as this has become a habit for me already.

Using an app like Zero Fasting can help in recording your journey and I suggest trying it.

Another great joy I have is when I get to share my journey with others.

Especially when I see them get on board, join our Facebook Group (Self-Leadership: Towards Better Health) and start sharing their own health journey.

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