Monday, May 7, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Writing a Blogging Book

Darren Rowse just announced his Top 5 - Group Writing Project. This is timely as I often get asked why I'm writing and publishing a blogging book. I hope this Top 5 reasons will satisfy the reader's curiousity.
  1. Demonstrate that blogs can be used as a medium to promote products and services by individuals, educators, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and even corporations.
  2. Share personal experience and of friends on creating blogs suited to their needs. This can be from personal sharing to generating e-commerce revenue on a product website or service offering.
  3. Show how to join 3rd-party advertising or revenue program for blog sustainability. I will also share my personal experience in creating an ad revenue program for bloggers.
  4. Provide tips on how to avoid legal problems including how to protect one's copyright and run against those who violate it.
  5. Discuss marketing practices and performance monitoring that can be explored in driving traffic to one's blog.

More than anything else, I am up for the challenge. After writing and publishing three (3) Philippines-centric books, working with this online blogging tutorial turned book as a project can provide a lot of international publishing lessons learned.

Through it, I hope to expand my network of contacts too.

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