Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Top 5 New Creme of the Crop Blogs by the end of 2007

Everybody Go To just made a blog poll trying to determine the top 5 blogs by the end of 2007. The nominees are mostly blogs that have started in the last six to twelve months. I believe this is a great way of identifying new blogs and get them recognized. The site nominees include:

Internet and Technology

Making Money Online and Blogging

Web Design and Development

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Work and Career

If you are interested to participate, visit Everybody To Go and cast your vote.

Perhaps this is a concept that I can explore further in the DigitalFilipino Web Awards to encourage more start-ups in this area.

This blog post is also one of the participants in Darren Rowse's Group Writing Project. Other entries that I enjoyed reading are: (I haven't checked all of them so will add more shortly)


  1. That's a very good list! I myself enjoy quite a few of those blogs!

  2. Thanks for adding my fitness tips to your favorite list from the GWP. If your desk is a low one go and get that fitness ball today! It'll work wonders!


  3. Hi. It's a great list. I'm even amazed at LifeSpy's inclusion in the Everybody Go To list. It's kind of an honor since I've only been problogging as LifeSpy's lead blogger for just about four months and now, we've got some form of recognition.

    So please, pretty please, vote for LifeSpy. :D