Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogs as the new game show

Last Monday, I was one of Miriam Quiambao's guest in her TV program, The Beat. We got the chance to talk about paid blogging with J Angelo Racoma. I've discussed this further in my column today that takes off from what I shared in the Blogging from Home book.

Should I get hold of a video copy of that interview, will post it here.

Let me also share that I take great pleasure meeting Miriam. She is very interested on the subject and won't be surprised if she'll come out blogging in a big way one of these days. Her program is also the 2nd opportunity I got to promote my book. Many thanks to Dine Racoma for referring me as a guest in this program.

More than just getting paid for services rendered and products sold, I believe blogs are gradually becoming the new game show. There are many contests happening online today whose prizes range from cash to valuable items, tangible or not. This created new earning opportunities for both organizers (through sponsorship) and joiners. Even if you lose, the link back and connections you gain for joining are also valuable.

There was a time that I thought of dedicating one of my blogs just to join various contests happening online and record my experience. I still would like to do that one of these days.

If there is something that I wasn't able to do, that would be to take a picture of Miriam holding a copy of my book. I still hope to have that picture of her someday.

On the side, I encourage you to consider joining these ongoing writing contests:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Donated a copy of Blogging from Home to Charles Sturt Library

The Charles Sturt Library is one of the few institutions that I thanked for the completion of Blogging from Home book. The wide variety of books that I get to review at Influential Blogger would not have been possible if not for the library.

I was able to gain access as well to a wide variety of blogging books in my research stage and define the book's niche from there.

Earlier today, I visited the Findon branch of Charles Sturt Library to donate a copy. Glad that Bruno Colombo was there to receive it. I was told that it will be sent to their central branch. I hope it can be made available in the branches soon.

Trivia: The last correction made to the book, prior to printing, is the spelling of Sturt in Charles Sturt Library. I first typed it as Stuart. Glad that such was rectified for that would have been terribly embarrassing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Book Buyers at the Manila Book Launch

Last August 13 to 15, I finally had the Manila book launch for Blogging from Home during the 2nd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit.

As I was also tied up doing moderating and speaking assignment, I never got the chance to meet all who purchased the book. Some that I was able to meet agreed to have their photo taken and be posted here.

Many thanks to the following:
Several club members also dropped by at the event:
If you have bought a copy of the book, feel free to e-mail me a picture of you holding the book with a link to your blog. I will post it here. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One thousand books delivered

Earlier today, the book Blogging from Home was finally delivered. I am so excited upon seeing it. At the same time, nervous as this will be released tomorrow.

As you'll notice, the book not only contains your usual text and screen shots, it also has mind maps that can be used as reference before and after reading the book.

Last Monday morning, I also got the chance to guest at Mornings @ ANC Money Matters segment with Ron Cruz. We talked about making money online through e-commerce and problogging. This gave opportunity for the book to be plugged on television. (Thanks Heinz for considering me as a guest)

I also contacted blogger Flowell who works at ABS-CBN and say hi. He just won a free delegate pass for an event I'm promoting.

Usually, ANC guests are given proper make-up and hair fix prior to the interview. Thanks to this, I was able to appear more formal during the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs eyeball event. I was almost tempted to mention before the end of the event, "I'd like to thank the ANC make-up staff for my hair and make-up. LOL!"

I'm not sure how many books I'll be able to sell this week although I'm wishfully hoping to dispose 300 books for cost recovery. We'll see how soon shall I be able to achieve that and post it here.

See you at the book launch of Blogging from Home! this August 13 to 15 at Hotel Intercontinental Makati during the 2nd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photo shoot at Photosynthesis

I never got the chance to have a photo shoot that can be used as author images for the book. Fortunately, I had one last Monday for the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines at Mario Babiera's Photosynthesis studio. It was raining very hard on that day and just had to do with whatever I had at that time. Here are some of the shots that I really liked.

Mario Babiera's PhotoSynthesis is located at the 7th floor of GMA-Loubel Building, corner Pasong Tamo and Bagtikan Streets, Makati City. Their contact number is 8956828.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Blogging from Home book launch preparations

The Blogging from Home book launch preparations will further escalate this week. As an event like this can only happen once, all efforts must be made to get it done right. This includes:
  • Book delivery settled club members and those who promoted the book last year are entitled to a free book copy. They have to be properly recorded and be delivered. Included also are the early bird book buyers.

    It will be my first time also to market a book in Australia, getting the shipping rate accurately for the book will be important for proper pricing.

  • Spreading word about the activity in various ways gradually.
    • Posted the event invite in social networks, groups, and e-mail.
    • Campaign the book launch through Entrecard and Google AdWords.
    • Send the press release this week and get book interviews whenever possible.

  • Distribution and outlets
    • Get distributor to put book in major bookstores.
    • Find online resellers.
Video complement
Last Wednesday, I shot a Blogging from Home video tutorial series with Buddy Gancenia. Through Justin.TV, partial, raw, and unedited footage was captured that includes outline planning, introduction, anatomy of a blog, finding blogs, creating a blog, keywords identification and Technorati registration, tracking visitors with MyBlogLog, how to use Ping, among others.

Watch more live video from Janette Toral on
I'll be posting the Camtasia and final editions soon. This will accompany the discussion questions that shall be posted online for readers to share their experience and ask follow-up questions.

At first, my idea was to sell the finished videos in a DVD. Got worried though that it might just get pirated easily and re-posted online. With that, the video tutorial materials will instead be posted here to further support the book.