Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogs as the new game show

Last Monday, I was one of Miriam Quiambao's guest in her TV program, The Beat. We got the chance to talk about paid blogging with J Angelo Racoma. I've discussed this further in my column today that takes off from what I shared in the Blogging from Home book.

Should I get hold of a video copy of that interview, will post it here.

Let me also share that I take great pleasure meeting Miriam. She is very interested on the subject and won't be surprised if she'll come out blogging in a big way one of these days. Her program is also the 2nd opportunity I got to promote my book. Many thanks to Dine Racoma for referring me as a guest in this program.

More than just getting paid for services rendered and products sold, I believe blogs are gradually becoming the new game show. There are many contests happening online today whose prizes range from cash to valuable items, tangible or not. This created new earning opportunities for both organizers (through sponsorship) and joiners. Even if you lose, the link back and connections you gain for joining are also valuable.

There was a time that I thought of dedicating one of my blogs just to join various contests happening online and record my experience. I still would like to do that one of these days.

If there is something that I wasn't able to do, that would be to take a picture of Miriam holding a copy of my book. I still hope to have that picture of her someday.

On the side, I encourage you to consider joining these ongoing writing contests:
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