Friday, August 1, 2008

Blogging from Home book launch preparations

The Blogging from Home book launch preparations will further escalate this week. As an event like this can only happen once, all efforts must be made to get it done right. This includes:
  • Book delivery settled club members and those who promoted the book last year are entitled to a free book copy. They have to be properly recorded and be delivered. Included also are the early bird book buyers.

    It will be my first time also to market a book in Australia, getting the shipping rate accurately for the book will be important for proper pricing.

  • Spreading word about the activity in various ways gradually.
    • Posted the event invite in social networks, groups, and e-mail.
    • Campaign the book launch through Entrecard and Google AdWords.
    • Send the press release this week and get book interviews whenever possible.

  • Distribution and outlets
    • Get distributor to put book in major bookstores.
    • Find online resellers.
Video complement
Last Wednesday, I shot a Blogging from Home video tutorial series with Buddy Gancenia. Through Justin.TV, partial, raw, and unedited footage was captured that includes outline planning, introduction, anatomy of a blog, finding blogs, creating a blog, keywords identification and Technorati registration, tracking visitors with MyBlogLog, how to use Ping, among others.

Watch more live video from Janette Toral on
I'll be posting the Camtasia and final editions soon. This will accompany the discussion questions that shall be posted online for readers to share their experience and ask follow-up questions.

At first, my idea was to sell the finished videos in a DVD. Got worried though that it might just get pirated easily and re-posted online. With that, the video tutorial materials will instead be posted here to further support the book.
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