Monday, May 19, 2008

Photobloggers becoming skilled and artistic

Photoblogging is fast becoming a popular hobby among photographers and bloggers. With just a camera, Internet access, and a blog, everyone has an opportunity to share a photo for the world to see.

Juned Sonido observes photoblogging to be popular now and people are more expressive with their photos. He said, "Before you could discern the professional photographers from the rest. But now you see more and more people have become more skilled and artistic. And now it is more diverse. You see a lot of good things from film and digital cameras. Even phone cameras are becoming more sophisticated. But it still boils down to the person taking the shot and not the equipment. One group of photographer friends I have have this saying It's not the Bow it's Indian. And it is true."

How Juned started
Juned started photoblogging a few months after taking up blogging. He recalled, "I discovered photoblogs and a friend of mine was telling me about it - just take a picture of something and put it in your blog (like take a picture of your breakfast and label it what I ate today). I did not really go down that route. At the time I started going out with my nephews to see different places in the Philippines and I began taking pictures and these were the ones I posted on my photoblog. I had a point-and-shoot digital camera and was just snapping away. I selected a few and this got to be posted on my blog and photoblog."

This went on for a few months. And eventually, Juned discovered he really like taking photos or snaps as he would call it. "I use the word snaps because I am not really a professional photographer. I am just a bloke who likes taking snaps. So I was just happy and content taking snaps with my ixus when something happened two unrelated events. We discovered my old SLR and I met someone with a Holga camera."

"In the next few months in my search for a Holga. I came upon the Fisheye2. A plastic camera with a fisheye lens attached. It took the most intriguing photos. Further down the road I acquired more cameras and began accumulating a lot of snaps from film burned directly to CD as jpg. And this eventually found its way to the photoblog."

What motivated Juned into photoblogging includes: (i) the desire to chronicle things, (ii) the desire to share snaps with the others and (iii) a way of giving thanks to family, friends and people he loves.

Copyright or copyleft?
With the popularity of photography, concerns on copyright and plagiarism were often discussed in forums and blogs. Juned advises photobloggers to always safeguard one's work. "Label it as to the type of ownership you want over your work. It's your decision to copyleft, put in the public domain or copyright your work. There are several options available. It would be prudent to check the terms and conditions of the photo-sharing platform uses because there are sites that make your photo available or searchable and you might not like that."

On a last note, Juned also reminds photobloggers to enjoy and be responsible with this hobby. "Enjoy photography or taking snaps, without becoming obtrusive or abusive to your subject or subjects."

Last iBlog4: the 4th Philippine Blogging Summit, Juned shared his experience as a photoblogger. Here's his presentation and talk.


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