Monday, March 24, 2008

Blogging from Home

Last year, I felt a great frustration when my blogging book project couldn't just be completed. I kept thinking what was wrong with me or the project itself. As if I had a huge writer's block that made me at lost in getting the book done.

In the past few days, I've been reading a lot, trying to get inspiration left and right from various authors. When my graphic artist finally e-mailed the cover of my next e-commerce book edition, I decided to register for an ISBN to get me started.

But instead of finishing the manuscript of my e-commerce book, I ended up tinkering with my blogging book manuscript. I was toying with the idea of combining the two but realized how much has change on my experience in this field. While looking at the supposedly book cover and title, Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User, I realized that this gave me my biggest writer's block.

I reviewed my situation and experience in blogging, hiring and managing blog writers, blog advertising, recruiting bloggers to be part of my blog advertising network, organizing blogging events and contests, blog advocacy, setting-up blogs for SMEs, among others. All of this done while at home, whether that be in the Philippines or Australia, wherever I am at the moment.

Thus the title, Blogging from Home struck me. I knew that title was meant for this book project when the domain name for it was also available and I purchased it right away.

Right now, the revised cover is being made and manuscript being finalized. An ISBN will assigned to its e-book and printed edition within a week or two.

Will post updates soon.


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