Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Donated a copy of Blogging from Home to Charles Sturt Library

The Charles Sturt Library is one of the few institutions that I thanked for the completion of Blogging from Home book. The wide variety of books that I get to review at Influential Blogger would not have been possible if not for the library.

I was able to gain access as well to a wide variety of blogging books in my research stage and define the book's niche from there.

Earlier today, I visited the Findon branch of Charles Sturt Library to donate a copy. Glad that Bruno Colombo was there to receive it. I was told that it will be sent to their central branch. I hope it can be made available in the branches soon.

Trivia: The last correction made to the book, prior to printing, is the spelling of Sturt in Charles Sturt Library. I first typed it as Stuart. Glad that such was rectified for that would have been terribly embarrassing.
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