Monday, June 3, 2013

Bloggers as Digital Influencers

Last May 31, 2013 I gave a talk at #iblog9 about "Bloggers as Digital Influencers". Here are the things I shared then.

1. Bloggers need to have a clear perspective of their goals and aspirations. (slide 2)

Creating a Personal Business Model Canvas can help in this purpose. Know who you want to help, what value can you give, how will you build relationships, potential returns, investment you have to make, and partners to collaborate with. This will give you a bigger sense of reason for being a blogger.

Make a personal business model canvas for yourself today.

2. Reach, Resonance, and Relevance. (slide 3)
In Altimeter's "Rise of Digital Influence" (page 10), Brian Solis discussed the 3 pillars of influence. Bloggers need to build their reach and relevance through quality content and connecting with readers who will need it. With the right combination of both online and offline activities, their content will echo through word of mouth and social sharing.

3. What kind of an Influencer will you be? (slide 4 to 6)
How do you want to be known for? How do you want to be perceived? Who do you like to attract? Social media users go beyond the content of the people they get exposed to. They will look at you as a full package. Remember that likes begets like. What you project is whom you will attract.

4. Build your social media presence. (slide 7 and 8)
Most social networks now allow you to verify your personal identity and the site you own. Get this done earlier on and not wait for others to misrepresent you.

5. Choose your battles. (slide 9)

Depending on the kind of content you produce, it is likely you will find yourself entangled in issues later on. There will be people as well that you won't be able to please. At the end of the day, it is all about competition (where you could either compete, beat, ruin, or join your opponents).

This is the point of view I have whenever there are attacks that are unreasonable, unverified, speculative, or based on hearsay from their circles against anyone.

Remember that any attack that is posted in the public view is not meant for peaceful resolution or dialogue. It is designed for a debate meant to win the crowd. If your relationships are strong on the ground (reach, relevance, resonance), people will simply compare your purpose as influencers.

Also, deciding to engage in public debate is a matter of choice. Will this help you achieve your bigger objective (slide 2)? In my view, if it doesn't, move forward. I believe in what Robert Greene said in one of his books, "stay away from negative people".

6. Build movements. (slide 10)
What has allowed me to last long as an individual content publisher or blogger is my focus on communities or movements. They are usually small and targeted (100 close contacts).

Don't get too wrapped up on big numbers. Focus on quality of relationship rather than quantity.

7. Be competitive. (slide 11 and 12)
Your biggest competition will always be yourself - not others. Focus on "doing".
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