Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding Blogs through MyBlogLog

I am organizing a bloggers meet-up this October 21 (Davao), 23 (Cebu), and 25 (Manila). If you have time, I hope you can join and invite your friends too.

It is my first time to organize a bloggers meet-up in Davao and Cebu. Blogger friends from these areas have been very helpful and some of those who confirmed also blogged about it. As I have a 150 pax allocation for each venue, a lot of effort must be made to ensure that such does not go to waste and this requires inviting more bloggers to participate.

This is where MyBlogLog have proven itself to be very useful. Doing a query on Cebu and Davao yielded user profiles and blog sites that have these keywords. Going down to the detail of the user and finding out where they are based is what makes MyBlogLog helpful as a blog search engine despite being limited to its application users.

By adding them as a contact or visiting their blog, I was able to find out how to get in touch with them and invited them afterwards to the event through the social network.

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