Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year's Resolution 2011

2011 is going to be a lot about breaking new ground, passionate pursuits, new books, fighting the "elite", and enlightenment.

My resolutions this year includes:

1. Be more physically active
I got injured last February 2010 during the exhibit set-up at E-Services Philippines that resulted to a left "runner's knee". However since November 2010, I have been able to allot time to strengthen it. Look forward doing badminton, bowling, running and diving this year. and
2. Focus on content development

I just started the DigitalFilipino Talks series last January 10. This Monday to Friday online video program is an experimental project that I am doing in lieu of traditional conferences done last year.

In the process, I hope we can share more information and knowledge instantaneously featuring industry friends and DigitalFilipino Club members.

Topics started with focus on social media. But as we go along, we will be featuring other topics of interest from doing business to advocacies reflecting how diverse our DigitalFilipino community has become.

3. Vigilance
Admittedly, the blogging space is becoming more competitive each day as more commercial players working as contractors get projects in this arena. Being a player in this industry and active in associations, it can't be helped that I need to respond to issues using suitable channels when asked for.

I realized that my passive mode or style may no longer apply as the parties and issues get bigger and high profile. This is especially true when peers in the industry get accused and hurt.

4. Enlightenment
I look forward learning more about international issues this year as it will be my first time to watch a TED webcast event. Last August, I signed up as a TED Associate with book club member and look forward watching TED 2011 this year.

The books I have received got me all excited and look forward reading them. This is certainly a great addition to the things I'm learning already by reading the Asia Wall Street Journal.

I am scheduled to join the International Visitors Leadership Program for 3 weeks this August to September in the U.S. Won't be joining a local or international delegation for this activity. Will be able to customize my 3-weeks program based on the things I want to learn and people or organizations desired to meet. Will be making a separate blog post about this as I customize my 3 weeks agenda.

Will be launching a new book prior to this trip and give to the people I'll meet.

5. Connected

2010 was the year I decided to become a Mac user. Invested in a MacBook Pro and iPhone 4.

For 2011, will be investing on 3 new portable devices as working on Search Profile Index report requires having more than one computer to make the work faster while doing regular stuff such as blogging.

Will be more active investing on Internet connectivity further and upgrade the various USB Internet that I have such as my Globe Tattoo Stick and MyFi. Globe just launched its new Tattoo SuperStick.

It functions as an all-in-one wireless router where 5 devices can connect at the same time. This is cool for me as I usually connect my Mac and iPhone online. The same goes with my cellphone. As I'll be getting additional gadgets this year, a mobile broadband device good for 5 simultaneous connections will be useful especially if its speed of up to 3mbps will really hold up.

Already reached the point where it becomes more practical of getting a postpaid program such as this one and use it as primary Internet connection since family members have fast Internet connection using my prepaid Tattoo Stick and MyFi.

It is amazing at times how Internet connected we become. Have a broadband DSL connection at home and noticed that all of us gradually having our own prepaid USB broadband Internet as well for back-up. I guess it helps keep the Internet peace rather than argue when someone uploads / downloads a huge file or watching videos online.

What is your New Year's Resolution?

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