Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What does being healthy look like? (reflection 1)

Like many out there, I have my own ups and downs when it comes to personal fitness. At my lowest, I was at 99 pounds. At my heaviest, I reached 185 pounds.

I had varied reasons through the years such as:

  1. I am too busy at what I do.
  2. I can always start or get back tomorrow.
  3. I have body aches.
  4. I am not motivated.
and other reasons.....

We want to get healthy for a lot of reasons too. But I have one reason - "I want to serve and add value to others (family, loved ones, friends, peers, and folks wanting to learn)".

So being healthy is being able to do that with the necessary energy capacity to carry them out.

Day 1 (October 24)
200 jumping jacks
200 squats
200 push up (desk)
200 lunges (right)
200 lunges (left)
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