Tuesday, April 17, 2007

iBlog3 and Blog Talk at ANC with Ricky Carandang

Yesterday, I was at ANC chatting with Ricky Carandang as to the various issues discussed during iBlog3 and my personal experiences in blogging especially on ad networks and shutting down a copyright violator blog site. It was a very fast discussion and allowed us to discuss several items on blogging at once that includes niche blogging, blog relevance, citizen journalism, generating revenue through blogs, political blogging, game blogging, blogger's code of ethics, legal risks in blogging, blogging regulation, youth blogging, freedom of expression, Philippine bloggers demographics, iBlog4, among others.
I hardly recall discussing a topic with one person at an extensive level and speed, despite limited time. It was an engaging experience and thanks to JJ Disini for passing on that opportunity to me.
Immediately after the interview, I got a text from Aileen Apolo and Jay Frank De Jesus. Another friend, Abby Ongyanco Lim, sent me a YM about it. (Thanks!)


  1. HI ms Janette! Huwaw! ibang level na ang iBlog3!!! wait, nakita ko din si ricky carandang dun miss janette ah? sana gawin na syang speaker next time... galing ng screenshot! cge po! ill be blogging about my experiences soon. im reviving my blog pa! ciao!

  2. awww.. too bad i was not able to record the interview.. when i saw u... i was hooked... i can't even blink... hehehe.... it was a very informative and entertaining interview...