Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Buzz Blogging on Yahoo Meme, Tumblr, Twitter, & Plurk

The new Google Real Time results makes me wonder on how blogging and search engine marketing will now change in order to be effective and attain a certain level of viral-ness.

If social media and the response of users to your content will heavily influence search engine rankings in the future, then it means the more one must invest in building profiles and blog actively in sites like Tumblr and Yahoo! Meme.

Of course this includes having a highly interactive account profile in Twitter and Plurk.

To be effective in these sites, I notice that one must be willing to:

  • Share or post great content (without violating copyright)
  • Reblog or repost the content of others to show appreciation
  • Leave a comment or click on like to give a thumbs up to the content.

The above actions can increase your followers from the community who are also as active.

These sites are ideal for the following use:

  • Post content that is meant to be passed on or to be discussed.
    It should be outstanding enough in order to merit such a response.
  • Spread the word about new blog post from your site.
    You can use a photo from your blog post as an anchor and give a link to your blog post article. This applies to Tumblr and Yahoo Meme.

Do you have a Tumblr, Twitter, Plurk, or a Yahoo Meme account? Share the url and will follow you. It will also be great if you can share how has it change the way you blog or share content.


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