Friday, December 25, 2009

Planning a Summit using Gloo

In preparing for the Blog4Reviews Christmas Party last December 17, I used Gloo as one way to keep in touch with blogger friends to get their thoughts about the upcoming event. Now that the event is over, I updated our space and using it to get inputs for the upcoming ProBlogging Summit that will happen this 2010.
What I like about Gloo is its feeling of being part of a private network. For planners like me, this is important as there are project developments that I felt can be best shared in a closed network and engage those who are really active in the community.
Some of the things I was able to do so far includes:
  • Send an SMS to those who are using a Globe phone and give updates directly to a specific space member.
  • Chat with space members online.
  • Add sticky notes and post details on them.
  • Add a to-do-list to serve as a reminder.

Later on, I will also try adding pictures and videos for reference. Other areas of improvement I would like to suggest to maximize its utilization and effectiveness are:

  • Pictures to be added to the site directly rather than point to 3rd party sites.
  • Have the ability to update space members automatically through email or SMS.
  • Ability to add multiple network cellphone numbers.

I will be using the space as well to encourage folks to share contests and other activities happening online.

One doesn't have to be a Globe Broadband subscriber to be able to access the service although I'm sure there are more features available to them exclusively. If you are a subscriber, inquire about Gloo and find out what perks you can enjoy with it.
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