Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogging for Power and Influence

Last March 5, I gave a talk at the BlogWorld Philippines 2010 event that took place at Crossroad 77 in Quezon City. I'm very thankful to DigitalFilipino Club member Asian Institute of E-Commerce President Aveleo Fuentes for inviting me to share insights on blogging.
All participants were given a copy of the Blogging from Home book. Check out the tutorial videos and additional learning insights should you like to pursue it further.
Blogging for power and influence requires a bigger perspective and a definite plan for those pursuing this path. It is more than just technical knowledge as it requires the following:
  • Pick a niche
    Identify where you want to be known for. Is this something that you will be interested in doing for the next ten years?

  • Share what you know
    Give and share what you know. In the process, you will earn goodwill and trust that can result to opportunities.

  • Be different and stand out
    Don't be a copycat. Know right from the start what will make you different from the rest.

  • Forge alliances
    Partner with those where you can add value to and benefit from as well.

  • Be featured
    If you'll do the above well, there is a big possibility that people will start talking about you. Don't miss out on opportunities that gives you valuable exposure. This includes being interviewed and speak in events.

  • Appear in search engine results
    Make sure that you own first page of search engine results or information that gets posted about you.
The following can be read also to help in the process:
Last year, I spoke on the same event where my talk was focused on Philippine E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Towards Globalization.

Great to see Pangasinan SEO bloggers Dr. Julius Mamaril, Philip Tiangson, and Julius Sison once again whose presentations proved that regardless of location, one can make money online. First met these guys during the Search Engine Marketing & Optimization seminar at Urdaneta City University last year.

Carlo Ople gave an inspiring talk on how to make money online and shared his experience on how he was able build it gradually.

Also to fellow speakers Joey De Venecia, Tyrone Charles Solee, and Cristina Manimbo-Gascon. It was my first time to hear Kelvin Servigon speak. (Kelvin's blog was actually named as one of the top 10 emerging influential blogs in 2009 as selected by writing project participants)

I am also thankful for the "Champion of Philippine Internet and E-Commerce Hall of Fame Award" recognition "for offering all her life towards the advancement of E-Commerce and Digital Media education and policy improvement in the Philippines".
Look forward interacting with AIE College students. Have fun in your blogging adventure!
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