Sunday, July 18, 2010 now gives Blog Traffic Analytics

Just read about Blogger Stats and so happy that this feature is now available in Just visit your  Blogger in Draft dashboard and there's a stats link there where you can check out the traffic that your blog is having.

What I like about this feature is that it reduces the need to have 3rd party analytics tool installed and measure how you are doing with your site.

Information you will find in your Blogger Stats dashboard includes:
  1. Overview - get info on your pageviews, top posts, audience, and traffic sources for the time period. It also has real-time stats update. Wow!
  2. Posts - pageviews of your top 10 blog posts and pages.
  3. Traffic sources - referring urls or websites and search keywords that drives traffic to your site.
  4. Audience - shows pageviews by country, browser type, and operating system.
Look forward to more features from My wish is for to improve on its commenting system and make it more social network friendly (sign-on your comments with Twitter, Disqus, Facebook, Google Buzz, Yahoo, among others).

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