Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Developing Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurs

I get a different high whenever catching up with blogging peers who eventually become entrepreneur themselves offering blog and social media marketing services. Definitely believe that there are a lot of opportunities in this area and very few players serving the market.

That is why when the 1st Certified Blog Entrepreneur Program was offered, I had this excitement for there lies an opportunity in developing new players and foster long term relationship. Had the opportunity as well to collaborate and support some of the students all working on real or live projects that gave a realistic view on how hard a perceived easy task is.

This coming May 5, the 2nd batch of the Ateneo-DigitalFilipino Digital Entrepreneur Alliance shall begin under the Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur. This will be a pure online course spanning 9 weeks.

Of course, finishing the program is just one small step.  It is critical that the right project gets chosen as well. For instance, if you see yourself unsure whether you will become an entrepreneur or working for a company, it is best to use a combination of case studies to give hands-on experience in as many scenarios as possible.

What makes batch 2 different as well is that it will have weekly face-to-face consultation in conjuction with the webinars happening online. This will happen alongside my regular DigitalFilipino Club meet-ups which I hope will give participants further exposure. The same benefit shall also be extended to batch 1.

This will likely be the last batch I will handle as other resource persons, belonging to the DigitalFilipino Club, will be tapped in the future. The reason for this is I will be focusing more in developing collaborative vertical online entrepreneur programs and handle an e-commerce entrepreneur course this year.

Nevertheless, I will always function as a co-faculty in all programs that will be launched under the Ateneo-DigitalFilipino Digital Entrepreneur alliance - continue the sharing of knowledge and experience.

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