Friday, September 17, 2010

waiting for iPhone 4

For the past few months, I have been contemplating of getting a mobile phone to explore the world of mobile application development, marketing and advertising particularly using iAds and AdMob. However, carrying this out would require investment in a mobile device and have decided to look into the iPhone 4 as my entry point in this space.

At first, I thought of the iPad or iPod Touch but I eventually decided on this unit instead. If things will turn out well with my experiment, will be sharing application development, mobile marketing, and advertising experiment with this device.
In the Philippines, the iPhone 4 is carried exclusively by Globe (if I recall correctly) and already reserved a unit. To control usage, decided to get a prepaid kit first and once familiar, that is when I will explore getting a plan.

Excited and a bit worried. Hope it will not take too long before the units arrive. Unsure as well where I am in the cue and how soon will I get the unit. Oh well, hope to get the e-mail or call soon.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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