Sunday, June 9, 2019

Establishing a Routine & Rewards (reflection 8)

Getting into a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge if you are not able to stick to your routine. One reason for that is the various changes we go through with our lives.

But getting yourself back into the program requires momentum. I had to start monitoring my progress, daily if possible, and observe where I was good and where I had slacked off.

The more I do this, routines are established and improved. Here are some examples:
  1. At Home Exercises - jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, lunges, sit-up, legs, and tummy exercises are usually done in the morning. At times, spread throughout the day.
  2. Morning fast - whenever possible.
  3. Replacing rice with vegetables like pechay and similar types.
  4. Limit beverage drinking from 1 to 2 cups per day (coffee and the likes)
  5. Weigh-in regularly.
  6. Monitor water intake.
I also had to think about ways of replacing usual activities with new ones. For example, when I am tempted to take a beverage, I can drink water and catch up with work or do standing push-ups.

I am excited with this process as I know that if I will succeed in this, I can share it to others who want to continuously improve their habits on a long term basis.

I embraced this with the mindset that I should not take any form of weight loss supplements. I should be able to do the exercises from home. I want to do this by eating less, move more, and sleep well.

The idea of rewarding myself is something new for achieving my habit formation routine. I want to incentivize myself for successfully establishing habits including:
  1. Complete a 4-cycle (2-weeks sprint each) with proper monitoring and updating. 
  2. A parameter performed regularly with discipline over time - becoming a habit. 
Rewards can be in the form of something I will get for myself or give to others. I will decide on when the time comes based on practicality.

You might wonder why I did not include a target weight. I actually wanted to but in reality, that number may likely move for one reason or another. I want to establish my own mantra. 
Improve your food and physical activity habits for the better. The weight will follow.

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