Friday, June 14, 2019

Forming my Tribe: "Self-Leadership: Towards Better Health" (reflection 9)

I am currently in the process of improving myself. Thank you for joining me in this series. 

My next step in this journey is to form a community who can support me in this process and I could give the same as well. 

So far, I have informed my family members and peers familiar with this process on what I am doing. 

To take it a higher notch, I decided to also form an FB group (Self-Leadership: Towards Better Health) where those who would like to go through the same process can join and where I can provide moral support.

I hope we can inspire and grow together at the same time. 

In this series, I am also sharing my heart, plans for myself, what I want to accomplish. 

I hope you will also do the same. Let us encourage each other.  

Are you willing to go down this path with me? Let us grow in this area. 

Let go of those that don't serve us well. 

Don't rush. Think through your answers. Talk to people who care for you in order to help you process your emotions and concerns as well.

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