Saturday, June 8, 2019

Intentional Improvement Monitoring in 2-Weeks Sprint (reflection 7)

Improving one's health and losing weight, I realized, needs to be a long term objective and has to be monitored consistently from my end - until it becomes a natural habit.

I am strong in recognizing my strengths and weakness in this area. I have set-up monitoring, 2-weeks sprint, to see what I have done effectively and when do I lose momentum.

I started monitoring things on a 2 weeks sprint last May 22.

It is tempting to put too many parameters to monitor. I decided to focus on 5-areas that are tightly related to one another.

My goal is to form new habits and behavioral change (using techniques learned in the various coaching programs I ventured into).

I began working on my nutrition plan as well by adjusting my meal based on what is available around me. This includes replacing or reducing rice consumption by eating uncooked vegetable (Korean style). After more than two weeks, I think I finally figure out what I need to do to start scoring on my "eat moderately" goal.

I have committed not to use any special supplement as what I am after is a long term practical solution.

My first 2-weeks sprint review exposed me to where I fall-off and how challenging it can be to bounce back. I decided to add a new parameter to monitor and see if it will work o neutralize the challenge.

I also accept the fact that I may need to do this for the rest of my days if I don't want to slide back to my old habits.

I will gradually add more items in my sprint tracking worksheet and remove others eventually as time goes by. Focusing on areas where I have not been able to discipline myself on.

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