Friday, June 7, 2019

Punishment or Adding Value: What emotions do the words "lose weight", "diet", "exercise" stir? (reflection 6)

When I think about lose weight, diet, exercise, these are the emotions that I feel:
  • Pressure
    The need to measure up to certain standards.
  • Guilt
    For indulging and neglecting myself.
  • Shame
    For not being as cool as my previous body shape was.
  • Sacrifice
    As exercising and dieting mean letting go of indulgence and the laziness just to focus on what you want to do now.
But definitely, I view exercise and diet as adding value because it can lead to better health if done correctly. There are many testimonies and learning materials pointing to such evidence.

I came up with a system of monitoring my progress and hope to share that soon in this blog.
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